Scientific-Coordination Session on

Non-Ideal Plasma Physics

December 6-7, 2012, Moscow, Russia

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Scientific Council of Low-Temperature Plasma Physics

In the frame of German year in Russia 2012/2013

Dear colleagues!

A joint scientific and educational event "Physics of high-energy density in matter" will take place in Moscow at the beginning of December 2012. It will include, as its first part, the traditional Scientific-Coordination Session "Non-ideal Plasma Research" (06-07.12.2012) to be held at the building of the RAS Presidium (Leninsky avenue, 32a), and second part a Seminar for Young Scientists "Physics of high energy density in matter" (04-05.12.2012) to be held in the building of the FAIR-Russia Research Centre on the territory of the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP), and, as its second part, We cordially invite you and your colleagues to take part in the work of the Session and the Seminar.

Topics of event include the following research areas:

  1. Thermodynamic properties of non-ideal plasmas
  2. Transport and optical properties of non-ideal plasmas
  3. Non-ideal plasma in astrophysical applications
  4. Physics of dusty and colloidal plasmas
  5. Generation and diagnostics of non-ideal plasmas
  6. Applications of plasma in biology and medicine
Additionally current status of researches in the following directions will be covered during the Seminar:
  1. Laboratory and astrophysical plasmas
  2. Quark-gluon plasma and the problem of quark-hadron transition
  3. Equation of state of matter at high energy densities
  4. Problems of generation and diagnostics of matter at high energy densities by using heavy ion accelerators
  5. Prospects for research in the physics of high energy density states within the framework of the FAIR project
Work format of the Scientific-Coordination Session will be in the form of short communications about the latest progress of the Session participants in the physics of non-ideal plasmas.

Work format of the Seminar is anticipated as a series of lectures by leading Russian and foreign specialists for the Seminar participants - students, post-graduate students and young scientists. A contest poster session is also planned to be held among the Seminar participants. By results of the contest, three prizes will be awarded to the best poster presentations. The applicants for the Scientific-Coordination Session should go through the registration procedure and send an abstract of their contribution (one page in Russian and one page in English) to not later than by October 31, 2012. Also, they are encouraged to visit the web site

Invited to take part in the Seminar are students and post-graduates from Russian universities as well as young scientists from scientific research centers of the RAS, SC "ROSATOM" and other Russian scientific organizations. Participants who live far from Moscow may expect to be granted a financial support in the form of reimbursement of their travel costs and a certain living allowance (the number of grants is limited).

Deadline for submission of the application forms for participation in the Seminar is October 31, 2012. Please fill registration form and send it to e-mail address . Please send us the title of your research work and two copies (in Russian and in English) of a 0.5-page abstract to not later than by October 31, 2012. More information can be found at the web site

Chairman of Joint Organization Committee
Vladimir Fortov
Vice-chairman of Joint Organization Committee
Boris Sharkov

If you have any questions about the Session, please contact its Secretary Dr. Pavel Levashov:
If you have any questions about the FRRC Seminar, please contact its vice-chairman Maria Kosolapova at