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2003-07-13 11:32:45+00
A lot of minor improvements have been made to the interface of the database, in particular, in Search by substance and EOS calculations parts. Now we also have a mirror site; probably it will work faster for you. You can find the mirror site here.

2003-06-15 15:09:38+00
In June-July 2003 we plan to add a new type of experimental data on free surface velocity profiles of samples under shock compression. These data is widely used for determination of mechanical and thermodynamic properties of matter at high pressures and temperatures.

2003-01-15 11:01:08+00
During last 4 months we have added a great amount of experimental information and corrected a lot of mistakes in the old data. Up to now the database contains more than 14000 experimental points for more than 450 substances.

2002-08-27 19:44:35+00
The version 2.5 of the database is now available! It includes:

  1. Improved graphics for all types of experimental data.
  2. Three different models of caloric equations of state for more than 140 substances including metals, organic compounds, liquids, minerals and others.
  3. Improved interface for EOS calculations. Try to use it - it's very easy!
  4. Bookmarks for EOS calculations. You can now save your plots for up to one year.
  5. Example of usage section on the main page.
  6. A lot of minor corrections.

2002-07-30 16:06:16+00
A new section "Examples of usage" has been added on the main page of the database. Now several graphs with experimental points, approximations and calculations for different substances are availabe. In a nearest future new examples will be added to illustrate new possibilities of the database.

2002-07-30 16:00:35+00
There is now an opportunity to add bookmarks for calculations using equations of state. You simply create the complex graph by "EOS calculations" link and then add the bookmark by clicking "Bookmarks" link. Your bookmarks will be available during the time period up to 1 year. After bookmark creation you can restore the graph by clicking "EOS calculations" and then "Bookmarks".

2002-07-30 15:33:11+00
Last week there were some problems with graphics because of bugs in the new version of PHP. Sorry for possible inconviniences.
The testing period for EOS calculations is now finished. You can use the release version now which is available by link "EOS calculations" in the top of main window.

2002-07-10 16:02:06+00
An interface for EOS calculation has been elaborated. It allows one to make calculations of shock hugoniots, release isentropes and curves of constant specific energy for more than 100 substances. You can draw the plot with experimental data and curves on it. You can even see the output of calculation of every curve. It is important for us to know your opinion about these abilities. Please write us down a letter with your remarks via address: ivl@ficp.ac.ru.

2002-03-11 15:24:30+00
A new interface for the database has been elaborated. We hope it will be more convinient than earlier one.

2002-03-09 22:21:50+00
The possibility to obtain experimental data in plain text format was added. It is useful for direct transfer of information into text editors.

2002-03-09 22:19:52+00
Search on substance was added ("search by substance" menu on top of the main page). Now you can search for substance name using regular expressions.

2002-02-24 00:15:53+00
Now the database contains 442 substances and 11473 experimental points. Further changes of experimental data will be discussed in future news.

2002-02-23 23:24:51+00
Now there is a possibility to view experimental data on isobaric expansion in graphical form. You can plot the graphs using each combination of parameters on axes x and y (the parameters are temperature, specific volume, specific enthalpy and adiabatic sound velocity).