XXXI International Conference on
Equations of State for Matter
March 1-6, 2016, Elbrus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia


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All Accepted Abstracts

Section 2. Shock Waves, Detonation and Combustion

1. Kanel G.I. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Dynamics of shock and shockless compression waves in solids Abstract (17 Kb)
2. Nikolaev D.N. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Kvitov S.V., Shutov A.V., Ternovoi V.Ya., One- and two-stage cumulative Mach-type shock wave generators Abstract (25 Kb)
3. Borodin E.N. (IPME RAS, Saint Petersburg, Russia), Mayer A.E., Podurets A.M., Beluhina P.S., Grebennikova S.E., Tkachenko M.I., Balandina A.N., Energy dissipation rate in copper subjected to the high pressure loading Abstract (26 Kb)
4. Garkushin G.V. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Razorenov S.V., Kruger L., Lange K., Investigation of the magnesium alloy AZ31 before and after the accumulative roll-bonding under high strain rate Abstract (27 Kb)
5. Krivosheev S.I. (SPbPU, Saint-Peters\-burg, Russia), Magazinov S.G., Surface fracture energy of pulse action Abstract (22 Kb)
6. Atroshenko S.A. (IPME RAS, Saint Petersburg, Russia), The metal rings fracture under expansion by magnetic pulse method of microsecond duration Abstract (20 Kb)
7. Ananev S.Yu. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Borodina T.I., Val'yano G.E., Deribas A.A., Yankovsky B.D., Characterization of residual stress-strain state after the steel and titanium cylinders explosive coupling Abstract (23 Kb)
8. Sultanov V.G. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Shutov A.V., Numerical simulation of wave formation mechanism in explosive welding Abstract (27 Kb)
9. Vshivkov A.N. (ICMM UB RAS, Perm, Russia), Prokhorov A.E., Plekhov O.A., The study of the defect structures evolution in metals during the gigacyclic fatigue test Abstract (27 Kb)
10. Bannikova I.A., Uvarov S.V. (ICMM UB RAS, Perm, Russia), Zubareva A.N., Utkin A.V., Naimark O.B., Experimental study of mechanical properties of liquids under shock wave loading Abstract (31 Kb)
11. Orlov M.Yu. (TSU, RIAMM, Tomsk, Russia), Orlova Yu.N., Bogomolov G.N., Study of explosive loading of natural materials Abstract (20 Kb)
12. Schlothauer T. (TUBAF, IIC, Freiberg, Germany), Schimpf C., Kroke E., Heide G., Schwarz M.R., The role of decompression and micro-jetting in shock wave synthesis experiments Abstract (28 Kb)
13. Nikolaev A.Yu. (FSUE RFNC--VNIITF, Snezhinsk, Russia), Kozlov E.A., Yusupov D.T., Sidorov K.S., Klenov A.I., Petukhov E.A., Yurchenko O.S., Smachnaya O.V., Lysenko O.V., Sedova O.V., Chemical composition and shock compression of basalt from the vicinity of a natural meteorite crater Abstract (20 Kb)
14. Zhukov A.N. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Yakushev V.V., Galkin R.S., Rogacheva A.I., Structural transformations and amorphization of silica modifications under shock wave loading Abstract (28 Kb)
15. Golyshev A.A. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Kolobova A.Yu., Kudymova Yu.E., Molodets A.M., Morphological turning, electroconductivity and structural phase transitions of shocked titanium Abstract (26 Kb)
16. Molodets A.M. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Golyshev A.A., Shakhray D.V., Physicochemical transformation and equations of state of boron over megabar shock pressure Abstract (20 Kb)
17. Shakhray D.V. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Golyshev A.A., Molodets A.M., Electrical conductivity of amorphous boron under shock wave compression Abstract (21 Kb)
18. Emelyanov A.N. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Shakhray D.V., Thermodynamic properties and electrical conductivity of expanded copper Abstract (27 Kb)
19. Avdonin V.V. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Shakhray D.V., Palnichenko A.V., Synthesis of superconducting compounds on the basis of Al and Al$_{2}$O$_{3}$ Abstract (27 Kb)
20. Golubev A.A. (SSC RF ITEP, Moscow, Russia), Kantsyrev A.V., Activities on proton radiography at~the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics Abstract (24 Kb)
21. Kolesnikov D.S. (SSC RF ITEP, Moscow, Russia), Kantsyrev A.V., Golubev A.A., Varentsov D.V., Reconstruction of targets volume density in proton radiography experiments Abstract (30 Kb)
22. Bogdanov A.V. (SSC RF ITEP, Moscow, Russia), Kantsyrev A.V., Golubev A.A., Demidova E.V., Kolesnikov D.S., Panyushkin V.A., Markov N.V., Vysotsky S.A., Numerical simulation of 247 MeV proton microscope Abstract (30 Kb)
23. Mochalova V.M. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Utkin A.V., Shock wave compression of carbon fiber Abstract (23 Kb)
24. Zubareva A.N. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Efremov V.P., Utkin A.V., Experimental study of dynamic properties of porous materials under shock-wave loading Abstract (25 Kb)
25. Khramtsov P.P., Vasetskij V.A., Makhnach A.I. (HMTI NASB, Minsk, Belarus), Hryshchanka U.M., Chernik M.Yu., Shikh I.A., Doroshko M.V., Two-stage light-gas magnetoplasma accelerator for hypervelocity impact simulation Abstract (20 Kb)
26. Kuznetsov A.P. (NRNU MEPhI, Moscow, Russia), Gubskii K.L., Derkach V.N., Belkov S.A., Garanin S.G., Golovkin S.Yu., Optical diagnostics of laser-generated shock waves at LUCH laser facility Abstract (22 Kb)
27. Gubskii K.L. (NRNU MEPhI, Moscow, Russia), Mikhaylyuk A.V., Koshkin D.S., Norkin S.V., Kuznetsov A.P., Interferometers for measuring velocity in shock-physics experiments Abstract (20 Kb)
28. Mikhaylyuk A.V. (NRNU MEPhI, Moscow, Russia), Koshkin D.S., Gubskii K.L., Kuznetsov A.P., Laser diagnostic system for velocity measuring in high energy physics experiments Abstract (20 Kb)
29. Koshkin D.S. (NRNU MEPhI, Moscow, Russia), Mikhaylyuk A.V., Gubskii K.L., Antonov A.S., Kuznetsov A.P., Vernier VISAR interferometer system for measuring shock wave velocity Abstract (23 Kb)
30. Vorobiev A.A. (MA SRT, Moscow, Russia), A numerical method for calculating interior ballistics of electrothermal accelerator Abstract (29 Kb)
31. Sumskoi S.I. (NRNU MEPhI, Moscow, Russia), Sverchkov A.M., Lisanov M.V., Egorov A.F., Simulation of systems for shock wave/compression waves damping in~technological plants Abstract (22 Kb)
32. Sumskoi S.I. (NRNU MEPhI, Moscow, Russia), Lisanov M.V., Sverchkov A.M., Egorov A.F., Simulation of compression waves/shock waves in the branched pipeline systems Abstract (23 Kb)
33. Konyukhov A.V. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Likhachev A.P., Numerical investigation of the behavior of the composite rarefaction wave in hot nuclear matter in the presence of entropy perturbations Abstract (22 Kb)
34. Konyukhov A.V. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Instability and oscillatory modes of multiphase flow in a porous medium with reactive skeleton Abstract (23 Kb)
35. Dyachkov S.A. (VNIIA(L), Moscow, Russia), Egorova M.S., Parshikov A.N., Zhakhovsky V.V., From difference to similarity in shock-induced ejecting from metals simulated by molecular-dynamics and smoothed-particle-hydrodynamics methods Abstract (28 Kb)
36. Ebel A.A., Mayer A.E. (CSU, Chelyabinsk, Russia), Molecular dynamic investigations of the shock pulses interaction with free target surface with nanostructure Abstract (20 Kb)
37. Mayer A.E. (CSU, Chelyabinsk, Russia), Continuum model of tensile fracture of metals and its application to the shock wave problems Abstract (17 Kb)
38. Latypov F.T. (CSU, Chelyabinsk, Russia), Krasnikov V.S., Mayer A.E., Molecular-dynamics and continuum modeling of~nanopore growth in copper at~high-rate tension Abstract (25 Kb)
39. Voronin D.S., Krasnikov V.S. (CSU, Chelyabinsk, Russia), Mayer A.E., Molecular-dynamics investigation of~nucleation rate of nanopores in~aluminum at negative pressure Abstract (26 Kb)
40. Bayandin Yu.V. (ICMM UB RAS, Perm, Russia), Saveleva N.V., Naimark O.B., Numerical simulation of dynamic failure and multi spall fracture in metals Abstract (17 Kb)
41. Uvarov S.V. (ICMM UB RAS, Perm, Russia), Panteleev I.A., Naimark O.B., Fractoluminescence of granite under plate impact Abstract (24 Kb)
42. Radchenko P.A. (TSUAB, Tomsk, Russia), Radchenko A.V., Batuev S.P., Tukaev A.M., Research of fracture of materials and designs at shock-wave loadings by means of the program complex EFES Abstract (22 Kb)
43. Batuev S.P. (TSUAB, Tomsk, Russia), Radchenko P.A., Radchenko A.V., Plevkov V.S., Kudyakov K.L., Numerical simulation of concrete structures with anisotropic non-metal reinforcement at impulse loadings Abstract (20 Kb)
44. Popova T.V. (CSU, Chelyabinsk, Russia), Mayer A.E., Khishchenko K.V., Two-dimensional modeling of~high-speed impact of~polymethylmethacrylate plates Abstract (30 Kb)
45. Buzyurkin A.E. (ITAM SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia), Kraus E.I., Lukyanov Ya.L., The fabrication of boron carbide compacts by explosive consolidation Abstract (18 Kb)
46. Yakushev V.V. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Utkin A.V., Dolgoborodov A.Yu., Ananev S.Yu., Zhukov A.N., Sound velocity measurements in~shock compressed Ni+Al mixture samples of micro- and nanodispersed components Abstract (28 Kb)
47. Shevchenko A.A. (NRNU MEPhI, Moscow, Russia), Dolgoborodov A.Yu., Brazhikov M.A., Kirilenko V.G., Detonability of mechanoactivated ammonium-perchlorate-based mixtures with nano-Al Abstract (28 Kb)
48. Ananev S.Yu. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Dolgoborodov A.Yu., Shiray A.A., Yankovsky B.D., The comparison of shock wave absorption in porous reactive materials Abstract (22 Kb)
49. Ten K.A. (LIH SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia), Pruuel E.R., Kashkarov A.O., Rubtsov I.A., Shechtman L.I., Zhulanov V.V., Tolochko B.P., Rykovanov G.N., Muzyrya A.K., Smirnov E.B., Stolbikov V.Yu., Prosvirnin K.M., Detection of micro- and nanoparticles in dynamic processes Abstract (28 Kb)
50. Rubtsov I.A. (LIH SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia), Ten K.A., Pruuel E.R., Kashkarov A.O., Dynamics of sizes of nanoparticles at~trinitrotoluene detonation on the VEPP-4M synchrotron radiation Abstract (23 Kb)
51. Kashkarov A.O. (LIH SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia), Pruuel E.R., Ten K.A., Rubtsov I.A., Gerasimov E.Yu., Zubkov P.I., Transmission electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction studies of high explosives detonation soot Abstract (23 Kb)
52. Utkin A.V. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Mochalova V.M., Torunov S.I., Koldunov S.A., Instability of detonation waves in~FEFO/methanol mixtures Abstract (24 Kb)
53. Dudin S.V., Sosikov V.A. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Torunov S.I., Experimental investigation of~cylindrical detonation wave Abstract (27 Kb)
54. Shutov A.V. (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia), Sultanov V.G., Dudin S.V., Mathematical modeling of converging detonation waves in a multi-point initiation Abstract (27 Kb)
55. Smirnov E.B. (FSUE RFNC--VNIITF, Snezhinsk, Russia), Kostitsyn O.V., Koval A.V., Detonation model for non-ideal condensed explosives Abstract (20 Kb)
56. Murzov S.A. (MIPT, Dolgoprudny, Russia), Sergeev O.V., Dyachkov S.A., Egorova M.S., Parshikov A.N., Zhakhovsky V.V., Detonation initiation in AB model of explosive: Comparative atomistic and hydrodynamics simulations Abstract (29 Kb)
57. Shargatov V.A. (NRNU MEPhI, Moscow, Russia), Gubin S.A., The method of calculating the thermodynamic properties and the composition of the explosion products if there is no full chemical equilibrium Abstract (19 Kb)
58. Lukin A.N. (WCRC, Tuapse, Russia), Universal concept of the unique magnetodipole holographic spectrum of the energetic materials reactionary zones Abstract (17 Kb)
59. Shurupov A.V., Shurupov M.A., Kozlov A.A. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Kotov A.V., Using explosive technologies to create a compact current-limiting device rated for operation on 110 kV class systems Abstract (20 Kb)
60. Vlasov P.A. (ICP RAS, Moscow, Russia), Tereza A.M., Smirnov V.N., Shumova V.V., Atkin E.V., Demidenko T.S., Characteristic features of the chemiluminescent emission of CH$^*$, C$_2^*$, OH$^*$, and CO$_2^*$ caused by ethane ignition behind reflected shock waves Abstract (26 Kb)
61. Tereza A.M. (ICP RAS, Moscow, Russia), Agafonov G.L., Atkin E.V., Medvedev S.P., Smirnov V.N., Vlasov P.A., Kinetics of hydrogen oxidation at the early stages of induction period behind reflected shock waves Abstract (25 Kb)
62. Emelianov A.V. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Eremin A.V., Yatsenko P.I., The study of kinetics of Br atom formation at the pypolysis of C$_2$F$_4$Br$_2$ behind shock waves Abstract (29 Kb)
63. Matveeva N.A. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Mikheyeva E.Yu., Temperature measurements of combustible mixtures behind shock waves Abstract (26 Kb)
64. Drakon A.V., Emelianov A.V., Eremin A.V., Yatsenko P.I. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Experimental study of reaction CO+O$_{2}$=CO$_{2}$+O behind shock waves Abstract (30 Kb)
65. Mikheyeva E.Yu., Selyakov I.N. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Carbon nanoparticles temperature measurements by four-colour laser-induced incandescence Abstract (24 Kb)
66. Ziborov V.S. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Galiullin R.A., Efremov V.P., Fortov V.E., Experimental investigation of overequilibrium Xe atoms irradiation in shock waves propagating in He Abstract (20 Kb)
67. Kasimov A.R. (KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia), Faria L.M., Rosales R.R., A theory of pulsating and cellular detonations Abstract (33 Kb)
68. Petukhov V.A. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Bublik N.P., Gusev P.A., Gutkin L.D., Solntsev O.I., The formation of ignition centers before the front of spherical flame of hydrogen--air mixtures under intense initiation Abstract (22 Kb)
69. Sevrouk K.L. (HMTI NASB, Minsk, Belarus), Krivosheyev P.N., Penyazkov O.G., Torohov S.A., Titova N.S., Starik A.M., Numerical and experimental analysis of propane--hydrogen mixture ignition in air Abstract (25 Kb)
70. Leschevich V.V., Penyazkov O.G., Shimchenko S.Yu. (HMTI NASB, Minsk, Belarus), Yaumenchykau M.L., The influence of coal particles on self-ignition of methane--air mixture at the temperature 950--1200 K Abstract (20 Kb)
71. Smirnov V.N. (ICP RAS, Moscow, Russia), Tereza A.M., Vlasov P.A., Shumova V.V., Garmash A.A., Demidenko T.S., Luminescent characteristics of the shock-wave ignition of an ethylene--oxygen mixture Abstract (25 Kb)
72. Eremin A.V. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Gurentsov E.V., Ignition delays in methane--oxygen mixtures in the presence of small amount of iron or carbon nanoparticles Abstract (21 Kb)
73. Drakon A.V., Eremin A.V., Kiverin A.D., Tsirlina E.A. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Influence of hydrogen, methane and syn-gas additives on acetylene detonation Abstract (30 Kb)
74. Bivol G.Yu. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Golovastov S.V., Golub V.V., Attenuation of the detonaiton wave in hydrogen--air mixture Abstract (23 Kb)
75. Mikushkin A.Y. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Golovastov S.V., Deflagration to detonation transition in curved channels Abstract (25 Kb)
76. Krikunova A.I. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Son E.E., Theory and experiments of premixed turbulent combustion Abstract (20 Kb)
77. Golub V.V. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Krivokorytov M.S., Volodin V.V., Acoustic control of the structure of~the gas torch Abstract (19 Kb)
78. Bivol G.Yu., Golovastov S.V. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Golub V.V., Flame front propagation in a channel with porous walls Abstract (20 Kb)
79. Samoilova A.A., Bivol G.Yu., Golovastov S.V. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Analysis of thermodynamic parameters behind detonation wave front in hydrogen--air mixtures on base of streak-images Abstract (23 Kb)
80. Korobov A.E. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Volodin V.V., Reflected acoustic wave impact on~frame front acceleration Abstract (26 Kb)
81. Medvedev S.P. (ICP RAS, Moscow, Russia), Khomik S.V., Maximova O.G., Agafonov G.L., Mikhalkin V.N., Betev A.S., Flame propagation in transient turbulent flow fields Abstract (20 Kb)
82. Kiverin A.D. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Yakovenko I.S., On the exothermal reaction kernel formation in shock tube Abstract (24 Kb)
83. Yakovenko I.S. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Kiverin A.D., Ivanov M.F., Pinevich S.G., Peculiarities of numerical analysis of~unsteady reactive flows Abstract (28 Kb)
84. Golub V.V., Golovastov S.V., Ivanov M.F., Kiverin A.D., Smygalina A.E. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Combustion onset in channels induced by hydrogen jet propagating from the high pressure chamber Abstract (20 Kb)
85. Zaichenko V.M., Ivanov M.F., Kiverin A.D., Smygalina A.E. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Tsyplakov A.I., Experimental and computational procedures for investigation of~methane--hydrogen combustion in~spark ignition engine Abstract (22 Kb)
86. Efremov V.P., Obruchkova L.R. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Ivanov M.F., Kiverin A.D., Shock wave in combustible gas containing a microparticle Abstract (24 Kb)
87. Degtiar V.G., Khlybov V.I. (Makeyev GRTs, Miass, Russia), Experience on math simulation of~aerogasdynamic and shock wave processes accumulated by the State Rocket Centre Abstract (22 Kb)
88. Khlybov V.I., Pridannikov A.V. (Makeyev GRTs, Miass, Russia), Central-upwind schemes for numerical simulation of shock wave processes in layered media Abstract (22 Kb)
89. Merkulov E.S. (Makeyev GRTs, Miass, Russia), Lepikhov A.V., Influence of a dispersed phase presented in external flow on heat exchange and erosion damage of surface of a hypersonic flight vehicle Abstract (23 Kb)
90. Kulikov Yu.M. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Son E.E., CABARET numerical scheme implementation for the viscosity-stratified fluid flows Abstract (23 Kb)
91. Markova T.V. (JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia), Aksenov A.A., Gavrilov A.D., Prokhorov A.N., Son E.E., Zhluktov S.V., Savitsky D.V., Calculations of scaled model of the HEXAFLY-CIAM module in FlowVision software Abstract (24 Kb)
92. Gouskov O.V., Danilov M.K. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Kukshinov N.V., Rudinskiy A.V., Numerical study of high-speed civil aircraft HEXAFLY-INT large-scale model intake characteristics Abstract (23 Kb)
93. Batura S.N., Kukshinov N.V. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), The investigation of work process in combustor of high-speed civil aircraft HEXAFLY-INT large-scale model Abstract (23 Kb)
94. Batura S.N. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Gouskov O.V., Numerical simulation of hydrogen pulse combustion regime in high-velocity flow Abstract (20 Kb)
95. Prokhorov A.N. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Son E.E., Arefyev K.Yu., Son K.E., Hypersonic and plasma technologies development in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Abstract (24 Kb)
96. Aleksandrov V.Yu., Arefyev K.Yu. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Ilchenko M.A., Prokhorov A.N., Interaction of entropy and acoustic waves in combustion chambers of~high-enthalpy air flow generators Abstract (19 Kb)
97. Arefyev K.Yu., Fedotova K.V. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Yanovskiy L.S., The analysis of ramjet combustion chambers cooling conditions by~means of polymeric compound gasification products Abstract (20 Kb)
98. Abramov M.A. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Yakovchuk A.Y., Fedotova K.V., Zaikin S.V., Simulation of the combustion products cooling in the gas-dynamic channel of experimental facility by water injection Abstract (27 Kb)
99. Aleksandrov V.Yu., Zaikin S.V. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Moseev D.S., Yakovchuk A.Y., High enthalpy flow generators for~hypersonic wind tunnel facilities Abstract (19 Kb)
100. Aleksandrov V.Yu., Moseev D.S. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Methods and ways to simulate real high enthalpy flight conditions for ground test facilities Abstract (19 Kb)
101. Aleksandrov V.Yu., Kozerod A.V. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Zhirnov D.B., Kostinsky M.A., Moiseev A.N., Skomorokhov V.S., Some aspects of the implementation of the measurement system parameters in the conditions of electromagnetic field of high tension Abstract (21 Kb)
102. Ananyan M.V. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Arefyev K.Yu., Voronetsky A.V., Suchkov S.A., Computational and experimental research of two-phase mixture formation in gasdynamic systems with periodic shock waves Abstract (23 Kb)
103. Frantsuzov M.S. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Features of radiation-convective heat transfer in the duct with sophisticated shape for multicomponent reacting gas mixture Abstract (19 Kb)
104. Safonova D.B. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Kukshinov N.V., Particular qualities of radiant heat fluxes calculations for ducts of variable cross-section with supersonic flow Abstract (21 Kb)
105. Serpinsky O.S. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Kukshinov N.V., Numerical investigation of~one-dimensional approach applicability for hydrogen--air scramjet duct geometry forming Abstract (21 Kb)
106. Sidorov R.S. (CIAM, Moscow, Russia), Different operating regimes of pulse detonation engine simulation Abstract (22 Kb)
107. Barenbaum A.A. (OGRI RAS, Moscow, Russia), Shpekin M.I., On two mechanisms of interaction of~high speed cosmic bodies with surface of planets Abstract (28 Kb)