Joint Meeting of High Energy Density Science at FAIR Collaboration and 10th International Workshop on Plasma Physics with Intense Laser and Heavy Ion Beams

May 28–29, 2018
Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninsky prospekt 32a, Moscow, Russia

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The collaboration HED@FAIR meeting is to discuss the experimental program on phase "0" and various aspects of the cooperation between Germany and Russia in the framework of HED@FAIR
  • Discussion on status of Phase0 experimental program
    • Heavy Ion Heating and Expansion (HIHEX) experiment
    • Proton radiography at FAIR (PRIOR)
  • Plasma physics experimental area: the target chamber for phase “0” experiments at HHT
Workshop is focused on the research of heavy-ion and laser beams interactions with matter, in particular on the creation and study of matter at extreme conditions at the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR).
The main topics of the workshop include
  • Fundamentals of heavy-ion and laser interaction with plasma: Status of high-energy-density research
  • Proton radiography
  • HED-research with upgraded SIS18 in 2018–2022
Preliminary program in PDF format