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of XV Russian Conference on Thermophysical Properties of Substances (RCTP-15)

October 15, 2018 (JIHT RAS, Izhorskaya 13, bld. 2)
Big hall (L3, ground floor)Room 230 (K6, 1st floor)Expo hall (L3, 2nd floor)Library (L3, 2nd floor)Room 430 (L1, 3rd floor)Room 209 (L1, 1st floor)
Plenary reports
Chair: Son E.E.
10:00–10:20 Opening Ceremony
10:20–11:00 [A-780] Fortov V.E. Thermophysical properties of substances under extreme conditions
11:00–11:40 [A-811] Marzari N. Materials discovery from high-performance and high-throughput computing
11:40–12:00 Coffee-break
12:00–12:30 [A-704] Belonoshko A. B. State of iron in the earth core: paradigm change
12:30–13:00 [A-707] Petrov V.A. Spectral and temperature dependence of absorption coefficient of molten aluminum oxide
Thermophysical properties of substances at high temperatures (part 1)
Chair: Pakhomov E.P.
14:30–14:50 [I-677] Savvatimskiy A.I., Onufriev S.V. Physical properties of the most refractory substances (graphite and carbides) in the temperature range 2000-7000 k
14:50–15:05 [O-536] Seredkin N.N, Onufriev S.V., Savvatimskiy A.I. et al. Properties of carbides in solid and liquid condition (2000 to 6000 k)
15:05–15:20 [O-583] Konyukhov S.A., Onufriev S.V., Savvatimskiy A.I. Melting of anisotropic graphite with volume limitation
15:20–15:35 [O-618] Kondratyev A.M., Rakhel A.D. A technique for determining the active component of the voltage drop across a sample in pulsed joule heating experiments
15:35–15:50 [O-781] Minakov D.V., Levashov P.R. Heat of fusion of refractory hcp metals from first-principle simulations and trouton's rule
15:50–16:05 [O-627] Chernoskutov M. Yu., Ivliyev A. D., Meshkov V. V. High-temperature thermophysical properties of solid solutions of the Y-Ho system
16:05–16:20 [O-528] Nagmutdinova A.I., Zaycev N.G., Mazilin I.V. Influence of the rare earth metals on the thermophysical properties of the thermobarrier coatings
Equations of state, phase transitions and critical phenomena (part 1)
Chair: Iosilevskiy I.L.
14:30–14:50 [I-649] Bezverkhii P. P., Martynets V. G., Kaplun A. B. et al. Extended description thermal properties of carbon dioxide using equation of state with a small number of parameters
14:50–15:05 [O-547] Ternovoi V.Ya., Nikolaev D.N., Ostrik A.V. Determination of the critical point parameters of liquid-gas transition for boron.
15:05–15:20 [O-519] Kaptilnyi A.G., Kondratyev A.M., Pletnev A.E. et al. The sound velocity measurements for fluid iron in the vicinity of the metal-nonmetal transition
15:20–15:35 [O-515] Emelyanov A.N. Estimation of critical point parameters of tungsten and copper from experiments on isentropic expansion of shock-compressed porous metals
15:35–15:50 [O-719] Martynova I.A., Iosilevskiy I.L. Effect of non-linear screening on complex plasma thermodynamic stability regions
15:50–16:05 [O-669] Bilalov T.R., Gumerov F.M. Determination of saturated vapor pressure of aromatic hydrocarbons on experimental data of their solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide
16:05–16:20 [O-693] Petrik G.G. About round dates, acute questions and solving problems of low-parametric equations of state by logical abduction
Thermodynamic properties of substances in the condensed state (part 1)
Chair: Belov G.V.
14:30–14:50 [I-727] Guluzade A., Safarov J., Hassel E. et al. Thermophysical properties of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium trifluoromethanesulfonate
14:50–15:05 [O-548] Gribchenkova N.A., Smirnov A.S., Alikhanyan A.S. Enthalpies of formation of mixed oxides in ZnO-based transparent conductive oxide systems by knudsen effusion mass spectrometry
15:05–15:20 [O-527] Neruchev Yu.A., Korotkovskii V.I., Ryshkova O.S. The energy of intermolecular forces in liquid haloalkanes and their binary mixtures
15:20–15:35 [O-621] Radchenko A.K., Shakhov A.V., Neruchev Y.A. Clusters in the "simple" and "normal" fluids
15:35–15:50 [O-672] Verveyko V.N., Verveyko M.V. Structural features of aromatic hydrocarbons clusters in a wide range of state parameters
15:50–16:05 [O-564] Taova T.M., Khokonov Kh.B., Shebzukhova I.G. et al. Methods and devices for measuring surface energy and surface tension of metals and alloys
16:05–16:20 [O-584] Sineva M.A., Aristova N.M., Belov G.V. et al. A new code for joint approximation of enthalpy increments and heat capacity data
Thermophysical properties of oils, gas condensates, gas hydrates and natural gas (part 1)
Chair: Grigoriev B.A.
14:30–14:50 [I-790] Buleiko V.M., Grigoriev B.A. Calorimetric investigation of phase behavior of hydrocarbon mixtures with low content of high molecular components (C4+)
14:50–15:05 [O-792] Bogdanov A.V., Grigoriev E.B., Sokotushenko V.N. Determining the speed of multicomponent hydrocarbon mixture phase transitions in the free volume Al2O3 \& MgO
15:05–15:20 [O-511] Lukyanov K.V., Kotov A.N., Starostin A.A. et al. Effect of moisture on heat transfer in liquid hydrocarbons under impulse heating of a wire
15:20–15:35 [O-605] Igolnikov A.A., Skripov P.V. Study of superheat and critical parameters of diesel fuel with adding castor oil
15:35–15:50 [O-589] Zaripov Z. I., Usmanov R. A., Gumerov F. M. Properties of thermodynamic systems participating in the process of obtaining biodiesel fuel in sub- and supercritical fluid conditions
15:50–16:05 [O-533] Khairutdinov V.F., Gumerov F.M., Farakhov M.I. Thermodynamic bases of the process of extraction of hydrocarbons from oil sludge using scf propane-butane mixture
16:05–16:20 [O-739] Nikitin E.D., Bogatishcheva N.S., Popov A.P., Faizullin M.Z. Thermophysical properties of components of biodiesel fuel and raw materials for its production
Thermophysical properties of materials for aviation, rocket and space technologies
Chair: Kovalev R.V.
14:30–14:45 [O-827] Kashapov N.F., Kashapov R.N., Kashapov L.N. Thermophysical and physicomechanical properties of products obtained by selective laser melting
14:45–15:00 [O-825] Никитин П.В., Шкуратенко А.А. Тепло-массообмен на каталитически активной поверхности при обтекании тела гиперзвуковым потоком
15:00–15:15 [O-829] Брылкин Ю.В., Власов В.И., Залогин Г.Н., Кусов Г.Н., Рудин Н.Ф. Влияние шероховатости и пористости поверхностного слоя материала на теплообмен в высокоэнтальпийных потоках газов
15:15–15:30 [O-828] Савицкий Д.В., Аксёнов А.А., Жлуктов С.В. Использование технологии vof для моделирования абляции теплозащитного покрытия
15:30–15:45 [O-836] Шавелкина М.Б., Амиров Р.Х., Тюфтяев А.С. Особенность модифицирования конструкционных материалов углеродными нанотрубками и графеном, синтезированными в струе термической плазмы
15:45–16:00 [O-823] Шейндлин М.А. Исследование свойств высокотемпературных теплозащитных материалов
16:00–16:15 [I-722] Brykin M.V. Calculation of the temperature in 3d carbon-carbon composite material.
Computer simulations in thermophysics (part 1)
Chair: Stegailov V.V.
14:30–14:50 [I-777] Kalinichev A.G. New opportunities in the application of the ClayFF force field for atomistic computer modeling of natural and synthetic nanoporous materials and their hydrated interfaces
14:50–15:10 [I-728] Pisarev V.V. Viscosity of liquid hydrocarbon mixtures: molecular dynamics simulations and mixing rules
15:10–15:25 [O-682] Zakharov S.A., Pisarev V.V., Chudanov V.V. Continual fluid filtration model
15:25–15:40 [O-810] Meshkov E.A., Novoselov I.I., Yanilkin A.V. On-lattice models to study evolution of HEA at atomic scale
15:40–15:55 [O-841] Fortova S.V. Kolmogorov flow and its numerical simulation in a flat channel
15:55–16:10 [O-842] Shepelev V.V., Fortova S.V., Inogamov N.A. Application of Turbulence Problem Solver (TPS) software complex for for the numerical simulation of the effects of femtosecond lasers on metallic substrates.
08:30–10:30Poster section
08:30–09:00Extended coffee break

October 16, 2018 (JIHT RAS, Izhorskaya 13, bld. 2)
Big hall (L3, ground floor)Room 230 (K6, 1st floor)Expo hall (L3, 2nd floor)Library (L3, 2nd floor)Room 430 (L1, 3rd floor)Room 209 (L1, 1st floor)
Plenary reports
Chair: Baidakov V.G.
10:00–10:40 [A-716] Stankus S.V., Abdullaev R.N., Agazhanov A.Sh. et al. Experimental study of thermophysical properties and phase transitions of metals and alloys in solid and liquid states
10:40–11:10 [A-537] Dmitriev A.S. Thermophysical properties of thermal interface nanomaterials for thermal stabilization of energy and electronic devices
11:10–11:30 Coffee-break
11:30–12:00 [A-514] Iosilevskiy I.L. Entropic phase transitions and accompanying anomalous thermodynamics regions in nonideal plasmas
12:00–12:30 [A-697] Grigoriev B.A., Gerasimov A.A., Alexandrov I.S. Prediction of thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria of oil hydrocarbons and petroleum products based on the multiparameter fundamental equations of state
12:30–13:00 [A-619] Sheindlin M.A. Resent advances in investigation of thermophysical properties of ultra high temperature ceramics (uhtcs) with the aid of laser heating
Thermophysical properties of substances at high temperatures (part 2)
Chair: Savvatimskiy A.I.
14:30–14:50 [I-578] Falyakhov T.M., Brykin M.V., Petukhov S.V. et al. Zirconium carbide phase diagram. experimental research and mathematical modeling.
14:50–15:10 [I-711] Vervikishko P.S., Sheindlin M.A. Recent advances in laser-pulse melting of graphite at pressure up to 6 kbar
15:10–15:25 [O-529] Vasin A.A., Frolov A.M., Sheindlin M.A. Observation of graphite melting during laser heating in vacuum
15:25–15:40 [O-560] Petukchov S.V., Frolov A.M., Sheindlin M.A. et al. High-temperature(up to 4000 k) investigation of vapor composition of nonstoichiometric zrcx and tacx in the vicinity of the homogeneity domain
15:40–15:55 [O-723] Bgasheva T.V., Vervikishko P.S., Sheindlin M.A. et al. Investigations of liquid carbon at pressures above 200 bar
15:55–16:10 [O-726] Frolov A.M., Sheindlin M.A. Mass-spectrometric analysis of laser-induced evaporation of pyrographite up to 4400 k
Equations of state, phase transitions and critical phenomena (part 2)
Chair: Iosilevskiy I.L.
14:30–14:50 [I-594] Magomedov R.A., Akhmedov E.N., Meilanov R.R. et al. Calculation of thermophysical properties of crypton and xenon based on fractal equation of state
14:50–15:10 [I-782] Norman G.E., Saitov I.M. Plasma phase transition in hydrogen at high pressures.
15:10–15:25 [O-741] Fleita D.Iu., Norman G.E., Pisarev V.V. The singularity of the two-particle correlator in the vicinity of the phase transition point of the pure metal melt
15:25–15:40 [O-571] Chigvintsev A.Yu, Iosilevskiy I.L., Noginova L.Yu. Anomalies of spatial ions distribution in trap in local equation of state approximation
15:40–15:55 [O-555] Milyutin V.A. Experimental study of the density of the gas system helium-nitrogen-neon at low temperatures.
15:55–16:10 [O-617] Abdulagatov I.M., Bazaev A.R., Bazaev E.A. et al. Phase transitions and bulk properties of the ternary system water-1-propanol-n-hexane near the critical point
Thermodynamic properties of substances in the condensed state (part 2)
Chair: Safarov J.
14:30–14:45 [O-597] Kulyamina E. Yu, Zitserman V.Yu., Fokin L.R. Melting curve of titanium. thermodynamic data consistency assessment
14:45–15:00 [O-710] Faizullin M.Z., Vinogradov A.V., Tomin A.S. et al. Hot crystallization centers in gas-saturated layers of amorphous ice
15:00–15:15 [O-794] Sobol O.V. Thermodynamic properties of aqueous solutions of sodium thiosulfatum
15:15–15:30 [O-720] Egorov G.I., Makarov D.M. Thermodynamic properties of aqueous solutions of urea and its alkyl derivatives in a wide range of the parameters of state
15:30–15:45 [O-581] Pashchenko L.L., Miroshnichenko E.A. Thermodynamic study of some azidonitrocompounds. energies of reorganization of radicals
15:45–16:00 [O-703] Borisenko D.I., Kuznecov K.I., Sukhikh A.A. et al. Experimental study of the thermal expansion coefficient of heat-conducting gaskets
16:00–16:15 [O-586] Pakhomov E.P. Defective structure of crystalline lattice of zirconium carbide
16:15–16:30 [O-595] Lesev V.N., Alchagirov B.B., Dadashev R.Kh. et al. On the possibility of the existence of a double maximum on the adsorption isotherm of binary metallic systems
Thermophysical properties of oils, gas condensates, gas hydrates and natural gas (part 2)
Chair: Buleiko V.M.
14:30–14:50 [I-549] Bazaev A.R., Bazaev E.A. Phase transitions and critical properties of 1-propanol —n-hexane system
14:50–15:05 [O-556] Faizullin M.Z., Vinogradov A.V., Tomin A.S. et al. Hydrate formation in supersonic jets of vapor and gas
15:05–15:20 [O-708] Director L.B., Sinelshchikov V.A. Thermophysical properties of volatile products of biomass low temperature pyrolysis
15:20–15:35 [O-735] Subbotin D.I., Popov V.E., Safronov A.A. et al. Interaction of methane with thermal carbon dioxide plasma obtained in the ac plasma torch
15:35–15:50 [O-698] Zhukov S.A., Yanovskiy L.S., Molokanov A.A. et al. Investigation of heat flux in hydrocarbon fuels at the film and bubble boiling
15:50–16:05 [O-709] Yanovsky L.S., Varlamova N.I., Kazakov A.I., Molokanov A.A., Plishkin N.A., Popov I.M., Il'ina1 M.A. et al. Manometrical investigation of the saturated vapor pressure and critical temperatures of hydrocarbon compounds
16:05–16:20 [O-806] Kiyachenko Yu.F., Deshabo V.A., Kosov V.I. et al. Dew-bubble curve determination of near-critical hydrocarbon mixtures using light-scattering method
Nanomaterials, nanofluids, interphase phenomena (part 1)
Chair: Dmitriev A.S.
14:30–14:50 [I-681] Rudyak V.Ya. Thermophysical properties of nanofluids. expectations and reality
14:50–15:10 [I-696] Abdulagatov I.M., Polikhronidi N.G., Batyrova R.G. Effect of instability on the critical behavior of heat capacity for ethanol + diamond nanofluid
15:10–15:25 [O-849] Zakatilova E.I., Efremov V.P. Nanodiamon dgraphitization at heating and irradiation
15:25–15:40 [O-729] Magomedov M. N. Change in the phase diagram of a simple matter with a decrease in the size of the nanosystem
15:40–15:55 [O-688] Kalazhokov K.K., Kalazhokov Z.K., Kalazhokov Z.K. Equation of isotherm of surface tension of binary metal systems
Computer simulations in thermophysics (part 2)
Chair: Kalinichev A.G.
14:30–14:50 [I-591] Khvesyuk V.I., Barinov A.A., Qiao W. The influence of interactions between phonons on heat transfer
14:50–15:10 [I-603] Apfelbaum M.S., Gadzhiev M.Kh., Doludenko A.N. Numerical and experimental investigation of formation of weakly conductive liquid dielectric flows caused by a high nonuniform electrical field
15:10–15:25 [O-664] Skurikhin A.V., Kostanovsky A.V. Numerical estimation of thermal conductivity of exfoliated vermiculite
15:25–15:40 [O-659] Nedyalkov Yu.V., Postnikov E.B. Computational approaches to determining isotermal compressibility and fluctuation parameter of liquids
15:40–15:55 [O-721] Shults O.V. Compound thermodynamic properties evaluation model
15:55–16:10 [O-557] Ivanov P.P., Vlaskin M.S., Zhuk A.Z. Modeling of the alumina cleaning by means of high temperature evaporation into vacuuim
Transport, optical and radiation properties of substances (part 1)
Chair: Palchaev D.K
16:45–17:00 [O-593] Nikolaev D.N., Ternovoi V.Ya., Shutov A.V. et al. Specific elrctrical conductivity of sapphire at shock compression up to 750 gpa
17:00–17:15 [O-540] Skripov P.V. Heat conduction of solutions: superheated and unstable states
17:15–17:30 [O-572] Galkin D.A., Povolotsky I.I., Skripov P.V. Investigation of thermal conductivity of oils
17:30–17:45 [O-610] Povolotskiy I.I., Volosnikov D.V., Skripov P.V. Thermal resistance of superheated aqueous solutions
17:45–18:00 [O-608] Senchenko V.N., Belikov R.S. Investigation of the spectra of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
Equations of state, phase transitions and critical phenomena (part 3)
Chair: Ustyuzhanin E.E.
16:45–17:05 [I-713] Maevskii K.K. Numerical modeling of thermodynamic parameters for mixtures with a small parametric equation of state of their components
17:05–17:25 [I-646] Khomkin A.L., Shumikhin A.S. Equation of state and metallization in metal vapors and inert gases
17:25–17:40 [O-702] Rykov V.A., Kudryavtseva I.V., Rykov S.V. The fundamental equation of state for argon satisfying the scale hypothesis for the region of high temperatures and pressures
17:40–17:55 [O-815] Ochkov V.F., Ustyuzhanin E.E., Znamensky B.E. et al. Investigation of the liquid density, the gas density and the pressure: some modern models and numerical data on the saturation line of H2O
Thermophysical measurement techniques (part 1)
Chair: Stankus S.V.
16:45–17:00 [O-667] Senchenko V.N., Konovalov P.A., Ilichev M.V. et al. Infrared system for thermal resistance measurement of microobjects
17:00–17:15 [O-714] Chernoskutov M.Yu., Ivliev A.D., Meshkov V.V. Signal processing algorithms for measuring thermophysical properties using temperature waves method
17:15–17:30 [O-738] Khromov M.A., Chinnov V.F., Sargsyan M.A. et al. Analysis of the nitrogen plasma jet destructive effect on the heat-resistant materials
17:30–17:45 [O-525] Osadchii S.M., Potapov B.G., Sokolov N.A. Measuring of heat flux in the range from 5 up to 2500 kilowatt per meter squared
17:45–18:00 [O-588] Ermishkin V.A., Mikhaylov D.L., Minina N.A. et al. Investigation of the diffusion of alloying elements in multi component alloys of the cr-ni system using the photometric analysis of the radiation brightness spectra
Databases on thermophysical properties of substances
Chair: Zitserman V.Yu.
16:45–17:00 [O-733] Очков В.Ф., Орлов К.А., Герк С.И. Гибридные расчеты теплофизических свойств веществ
17:00–17:15 [O-634] Ochkov V.F., Ustyuzhanin E.E., Znamensky B.E. et al. Development of online resources to assess the effectiveness of some gas turbine plants
17:15–17:30 [O-648] Dudarev V.A., Kiselyova N.N. On importance of the multi-level chemical objects description in ontologies for information systems integration in inorganic materials science
17:30–17:45 [O-700] Kiselyova N.N., Dudarev V.A., Stolyarenko A.V. Information systems for inorganic materials science
17:45–18:00 [O-651] Kosinov A.V., Erkimbaev A.O., Zitserman V.Yu. et al. Ontology-based methods of thermophysical data integration
Nanomaterials, nanofluids, interphase phenomena (part 2)
Chair: Rudyak V.Ya.
16:45–17:05 [I-579] Fokin L.R., Alchagirov B.B., Kokov Z.A. et al. Surface tension of liquid mercury in vacuum, in the medium of oxygen. experiment
17:05–17:20 [O-675] Khvesyuk V.I. A generalized model of the kapitza resistance
17:20–17:35 [O-678] Akhmedov E.N. Size dependence of molybdenum melting and crystallization temperatures

October 17, 2018 (JIHT RAS, Izhorskaya 13, bld. 2)
Big hall (L3, ground floor)Room 230 (K6, 1st floor)Expo hall (L3, 2nd floor)Library (L3, 2nd floor)Room 430 (L1, 3rd floor)
Plenary reports
Chair: Stankus S.V.
10:00–10:40 [A-779] Son E.E. Modern problems of studying thermophysical properties of substances
10:40–11:10 [A-628] Baidakov V.G., Kaverin A.M., Andbaeva V.N. et al. Surface tension of solutions of liquefied gases: experiment, theory, and simulation
11:10–11:30 Coffee-break
11:30–12:00 [A-848] Славин А.В. Расчётно-экспериментальные исследования теплофизических свойств материалов для авиационной техники
12:00–12:30 [A-566] Levashov P.R., Minakov D.V. Estimation of critical parameters of refractory metals based upon first–principle simulation
12:30–13:00 [A-611] Belov G.V., Dyachkov S.A., Levashov P.R., Mezinov N.S., Minakov D.V., Morozov I.V. et al. Thermodynamic database for pure substances IVTANTHERMO-Online
Transport, optical and radiation properties of substances (part 2)
Chair: Petrov V.A.
14:30–14:45 [O-592] Palchaev D.K. The nature of the formation of the temperature dependence of the resistivity in conductors
14:45–15:00 [O-685] Murlieva Zh.Kh., Palchayev D.K., Iskhakov M.E. et al. Correlation of electrical resistance and thermal expansion of intermetallide ti3al
15:00–15:15 [O-666] Prima A.I., Ding L., Zhang Q. et al. Influence of fast radiation processes on cooling of a metal target after irradiation by a powerful ion beam
15:15–15:30 [O-644] Gabitov I.R., Zaripov Z.I. Viscosities of acetic acid, butyric acid and their aqueous solutions
15:30–15:45 [O-676] Kondratyuk N.D., Pisarev V.V. Shear viscosity calculation for liquid hydrocarbons using molecular dynamics methods
15:45–16:00 [O-539] Olyanina N.V., Beltyukov A.L., Ladyanov V.I. Viscosity of liquid alloys of cobalt with silicon and boron
16:00–16:15 [O-695] Bogatyrev A.F., Kucherenko M.A., Makeenkova O.A. Transport properties of dilute gases and gas mixtures. diffusion
16:15–16:30 [O-679] Borshev N.O., Antonov V.A., Beliavskiy A.E. The solution of the inverse coefficient problem for the search for reflective-radiative characteristics by tikhonov's regularization method
Equations of state, phase transitions and critical phenomena (part 4)
Chair: Ustyuzhanin E.E.
14:30–14:50 [I-705] Dunaev A.M., Motalov V.B., Kudin L.S. Comprehensive study of evaporation of BMImBF4 ionic liquid
14:50–15:05 [O-674] Maltsev M.A., Morozov I.V., Osina E.L. Thermodynamic properties of diatomic argon compounds
15:05–15:20 [O-521] Kudin L.S., Motalov V.B., Dunaev A.M. Thermodynamics of the sublimation of lanthanoid triiodides
15:20–15:35 [O-654] Kuznetsov K.I., Sukhikh A.A., Granchenko P.P. et al. Calculation of thermodynamic functions based on the joint thermal and acoustic measurements
15:35–15:50 [O-699] Kulikov V.D., Belyakov M. Yu. Isoplere equations of a binary mixture in the vicinity of vapor-liquid critical point in the framework of scaling theory
15:50–16:05 [O-673] Rykov V.A., Rykov S.V., Sverdlov A.V. The fundamental equation of state for R1234yf
16:05–16:20 [O-565] Osmanova B.K., Bazaev E.A., Bazaev A.R. Calculation of thermodynamic properties of water+aliphatic alcohol system using experimemtal values of
Thermophysical measurement techniques (part 2)
Chair: Senchenko V.N.
15:00–15:15 [O-692] Kurichenko A. A., Gorbatov V. I., Ivliyev A. D. Digital system for the collection and processing of information and management of the thermophysical high temperature installation
15:15–15:30 [O-559] Artamonov A.V., Mazilin I.V., Zaitsev N.G. High-temperature test bench for thermal shock resistance control ceramic coatings
15:30–15:45 [O-712] Ermishkin V.A., Minina N.A., Kudryavtsev E.M. et al. Definition of the temperature conductivity of a carbon film based on the data of photometric analysis of the spectra of brightness of the reflection from its surface.
15:45–16:00 [O-615] Sukhikh A.A., Kuznetsov K.I., Skorodumov S.V. Experimental study of thermal conductivity of thermally conductive strips for electronic equipment
16:00–16:15 [O-801] Kuryakov V.N., Ivanova D.D. Investigation of phase transitions of n-alkanes nanoemulsions by means of dynamic and static light scattering
16:15–16:30 [O-600] Divin A.G., Ponomarev S.V., Lyubimova D.A. Methods and means of thermophysical characteristics measurement for vegetables and fruits tissues
Extreme states of matter
Chair: Levashov P.R.
14:30–14:50 [I-730] Rososhek A., Efimov S., Tewari S. et al. On phase transitions in different metals
14:50–15:05 [O-550] Korobenko V.N., Rakhel A.D. Thermophysical properties of dense lead plasma
15:05–15:20 [O-616] Bogdanov E.N., Zhernokletov M.V., Kozlov G.A. et al. Microwave doppler diagnostics of shock-compressed argon plasma
15:20–15:35 [O-535] Gryaznov V.K., Iosilevskiy I.L. Thermophysical properties of dense molecular gases in quasichemical representation
15:35–15:50 [O-532] Golyshev A.A., Sobolev D.V., Molodets A.M. Electrical conductivity of polytetrafluoroethylene in the megabar range of quasi-isentropic compression
15:50–16:05 [O-640] Struleva E.V., Komarov P.S. Ablation of titanium by femtosecond laser pulses
16:05–16:20 [O-563] Apfelbaum E.M. Thermophysical properties of the low-temperature plasma of metals
Thermophysical properties of materials for nuclear power engineering
Chair: Dub A.V., vice-chair: Risovannyi V.D.
14:30–14:50 [I-817] Дуб А.В. Достижения и перспективы развития аддитивных технологий в ГК Росатом
14:50–15:10 [I-604] Rutin S.B., Skripov P.V. Heat transfer in supercritical water
15:10–15:25 [O-818] Шлепкин А.С., Морозов А.В. Определение плотности высококонцентрированных растворов борной кислоты при параметрах, характерных для аварийного режима ВВЭР
15:25–15:40 [O-819] Likhanskii V.V. Models describing evolution in UO2 fuel properties under irradiation
15:40–15:55 [O-820] Юдин А.В., Береговский В.В. Обзор результатов и применение непосредственного/прямого контроля температурных полей в процессе послойного лазерного сплавления металлических изделий
15:55–16:10 [O-821] Блохин Д.А., Понкратова Ю.Ю. Исследование теплофизических характеристик жаропрочных малоактивируемых 12\% хромистых сталей, рекомендованных для изготовления оболочек ТВЭЛов реакторов на быстрых нейтронах
16:10–16:25 [O-822] Рисованый В.Д. Материалы с неограниченной радиационной стойкостью на основе оксидов металлов и редкоземельных элементов
16:25–16:40 [O-840] Chusov I.A., Didenko V.I., Obysov N.A. et al. Processing of heterogeneous data of experiments and construction of recommended relations
10:00–10:40Closing ceremony

October 16, 2018 (MISIS, Leninsky prospect 4)
Room B-636room B-107
09:00–09:50Local posters & coffee
09:50–10:00 Opening (I.A. Abrikosov)
10:00–10:30 [I-776] Colinet C., Tedenac J.P. Enthalpies of formation of transition metal and rare-earth borides. a first principles study.
10:30–11:00 [I-740] Richter K.W. Modelling of phases with general nias-type structure: what can we learn from powder xrd?
11:00–11:30 [I-612] Kim G., Gu Q., Jia H., Meschel S., Chen W., Nash P. Experimental database development for data-driven materials design
11:30–12:00 [I-680] Chen Q., Wu K., Jeppsson J. et al. Precipitation simulation enabled by thermodynamic and kinetic databases
12:00–12:20 [O-809] Ilatovskaia M., Fabrichnaya O. Thermodynamic assessment of the Al2O3-MgO-TiO2 system
12:20–12:40 [O-742] Bajenova I.A., Kondratiev A.V, Khvan A.V. et al. Third-generation thermodynamic description of SiO2
13:00–13:20 [I-831] Abrikosov I.A. Theoretical physics approaches for understanding of materials: lessons from Yu. Kh. Vekilov
13:20–13:40 [I-832] Vekilov Yu.Kh. Welcome address
13:40–14:00 General discussion
15:00–15:30 [I-516] Eriksson O. Data-mining approaches to find new functional materials
15:30–16:00 [I-833] Neugebauer J., Zhu L., Körmann F. et al. Employing ab initio thermodynamics to design structurally complex materials
16:00–16:30 Coffee-break
16:30–17:00 [I-834] Rubtsov A. Fluctuating local field approach to strong correlations
17:00–17:20 [I-845] Stepanov E.A., Lichtenstein A.I., Katsnelson M.I. Effective bosonic models for collective electronic fluctuations

October 17, 2018 (MISIS, Leninsky prospect 4)
Room B-636room B-607
09:00–10:00Local posters
10:00–10:20 [O-541] Gordeev I.S. Study of the phase diagram of zirconium by molecular dynamics method
10:20–10:40 [O-641] Smirnova D.E., Starikov S.V., Gordeev I.S. Development of atomistic model for prediction of properties of binary zr-nb system
10:40–11:00 [O-590] Gornostyrev Yu.N., Korzhvyi P., Gorbatov O.I. et al. Metastable embedded nanoparticles in metallic alloys. general concepts and atomistic modeling.
11:00–11:30 Coffee-break
11:30–11:50 [O-606] Todorova M., Yoo S., Neugebauer J. Electrochemical surface phase diagrams: solvation effects and selectivity
11:50–12:10 [O-601] Vekilova O.Yu., Eriksson O., Herper H.C. Theoretical study of magnetic properties of the 1:12 alloys
12:10–12:30 [O-524] Simak S.I. Diffusion in ionic conductors from ab initio molecular dynamics
12:30–12:50 [O-663] Ehteshami H., Smirnova E.A., Sun W., Korzhavyi P.A. Atomic diffusion mechanisms in titanium carbide
14:00–14:30 [I-717] Pisch A. Development of new materials using an integrated approach of dft calculations, calphad modeling and key experiments
14:30–15:00 [I-807] Gavrichev K.S., Guskov V.N., Nikiforova G.E. Thermodynamic properties of re-containing tbc materials
15:00–15:20 [O-538] Kolotova L.N., Starikov S.V. Atomistic simulation of phase transitions and structure transitions under irradiation in u-mo alloys
15:20–15:40 [O-808] Saenko I., Ilatovskaia M., Fabrichnaya O. Experimental investigation and thermodynamic modeling of the ZrO2-TiO2-MgO system
15:40–15:55 [O-778] Sinyova S., Starykh R., Vasil'eva A. et al. Determination of temperature and composition areas of solid solution in Fe-Ni-Co-(Cu,Cr) system
15:55–16:30 Coffee-break
16:30–17:00 [I-835] Johansson B. Theoretical approaches for understanding of properties of the 4f and 5f transition metals
09:00–09:30Summary and discussion

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